Under 8s Pinx

Meet the team


Greg Warran

My daughter decided she wanted to give football a try. Having 2 girls at home I had given up on the idea of that dream of coaching football. She went along with a few friends, and I offered my services to support the coach there. Turns out that he was just starting the team and there was no coach so I ended up taking over this brand new group of girls at U10 in their first ever season of football.

As a committee member there are a few different things. There is a really strong group of committed people running the club who are both patient but also strong enough willed to make things happen and give the club direction to keep growing. Being responsible for the girls section of the club I love the autonomy of doing things the way I think they should be done. Finally the fact the club are investing in girls football, not just as tokenism, but with real financial support to help it grow.

I would say the U12s this year. The slightly older age group where the work being put in is seeing fruition on the pitch, and the type of engagement is more interesting as the girls mature. More difficult in some ways, but more rewarding for it.

I was once a ballboy at Wembley for a European Cup Final. (1992 Barcelona 1 – 0 Sampdoria)

I want to continue to see development. My favourite thing is watching the improvement across the teams and knowing I had some involvement in that.

Hard to pick out one. We’ve had a couple of tournament wins over the last couple of years. But I recently took over the U12 Pinx team after the Head Coach stood down, and our first game was against top of the league. We got thrashed by them first game of the season. A few tactical changes and a dedicated performance from the girls saw us win 1-0, and it felt comfortable. Half of the team had never played football 6 months ago. So to be part of the team of coaches that helped make that happen is amazing.


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