Respect code of conduct

When your child starts playing football both player and parent sign up to abide by the rules outlined by The FA, Kent FA and in turn MEDWAY TOWN FC.

As a club we will not tolerate, swearing on the side lines, bullying of players and general anti-social behaviour. This will be outlined in a letter nearer the time. Both parent and player will have to sign this document.

You can find out more at

It will definitely be an eye opener for you and a code that we expect you to follow.

MTFC Mission

We always want to encourage all levels of ability and keep the “Family Feel” to this club. We are all volunteers that share a passion for “FOOTBALL” so please enjoy our club and let the children grow and have fun and experience with their new friends.

The most important thing for our football club is the children. From the age of 3 they start their journey in what’s known as the “Creche”. They will adopt the basic skills to learn our beautiful game. They will start to learn, ball control, passing, interaction with other children and balance, which will all include the fun element.

All of us here at Medway Town FC support Kick it Out! There is no room for racism anywhere! This includes GrassRoots football.


If you need to talk to a Medway Town representative, please feel free to call us or shoot us an email via the contact form below.